Can do.


People in business often say that lawyers get in the way. That is not what we do.

Our focus is to advise you on what you can do, not what you can’t do, and then to help you achieve it. Everything we do is informed by what will achieve the best outcome for you.

20 years on. Always looking forward.

When we announced the establishment of our firm 20 years ago, we had none of the things you would normally associate with a law firm.  We had no premises.  We had no name.  We had no telephones, computers, or stationery.  We had not spoken a word with any clients or other people about working with us.

However, we quickly got organised and focused on what really matters.  Since then, we have achieved success.  By that, we mean we have helped the businesses and people for whom, and with whom, we work to achieve their goals.

We attribute that success to the values that inspired our decision to set up a new law firm, and which continue to inform everything we do today, and everything we will do tomorrow.

We care about what our clients want to achieve and how they want to get there.  To do that, we think deeply about matters, identify the right outcome or solution, set an agreed course, then implement it.  We are a ‘can do’ firm – we go the extra mile.  We really care about the businesses and people for whom we act.  We are committed to working with you to achieve the value and the outcome that you seek.


Extra mile.


Not just another law firm.

Technical know-how and legal expertise should be a given. The lawyers who will succeed in the future are the lawyers who really understand what their clients want and how to get there.

CCK Lawyers is a commercial law firm with a strong reputation for resolving complex commercial matters quickly and cost-effectively. We take on the largest law firms in Australia, with an outstanding success rate.

We are passionate about providing our clients with outstanding service.

We excel at matters which are complex and urgent. We have an outstanding reputation in resolving major disputes throughout Australia. We frequently act in large transactions from our base in Adelaide. We combine technical excellence with commercial pragmatism.

We achieve these things by practising law differently from other firms. We provide our services in a collegiate manner. Our clients derive the maximum benefit from our collective knowledge. Our approach leads to good ideas and better outcomes.

We measure our success by the results we obtain for our clients, and the quality of our relationships. We believe that results and relationships are inextricably linked. Our growing client base is a testament to the effectiveness of our approach, and our clients' satisfaction.

We are a ‘can do’ firm. We go the extra mile.


Mergers, Acquisitions & Commercial transactions

We recognise the need to provide clear and accurate commercial and taxation advice in relation to all aspects of mergers and acquisitions. We work with our clients at the outset to map out all of the issues that may need to be addressed throughout the whole transaction, rather than merely addressing problems as they arise. We look towards the future operation of your business.

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Construction, engineering &

We work extensively in the construction and engineering industries.  We understand the needs of a technical field. We cover the full range of services that businesses in the industry may require including drafting and reviewing contracts, assisting in tenders and negotiation, commercialising ideas and advising on management of claims.

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commercial dispute Resolution, insurance & Insolvency

We understand that, in business, it is better to avoid a dispute than to win a dispute.  Quick results are vital.  Some types of business dealings have a high chance of leading to dispute.  Some types of claims are more likely to be contentious.  Clear advice and strategy up front can make a dispute less likely.  We can help you to avoid, manage or resolve a problem.

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Tax advisory & Dispute resolution

We offer practical and tailored solutions to complex tax issues. We are recognised as being active in the tax community. We can advise on the implementation and tax consequences of significant or high-profile acquisitions and restructures, as well as on personal or corporate tax assessments. We offer a range of services for individuals, business, not for profit entities and corporations.  

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We have an outstanding track record in relation to property transactions and advice. We act for a range of Australian and overseas clients who have significant property investments in South Australia and throughout Australia. We undertake the conveyance of property as well as leasing and all manner of other property transactions.

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Private Legal Services &
Estate planning

We offer a range of services to the private legal needs of business people and wealthy individuals and their families. We work closely with financial planners and accountants to manage personal structuring, wills and estate planning, trusts and superannuation.

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