We understand that, in business, it is better to avoid a dispute than to win a dispute. Quick results are vital.  Some types of business dealings have a high chance of leading to dispute.  Some types of payment claims are more likely to be contentious.  Clear advice and strategy up front can make a dispute less likely.  We can help you to avoid a problem becoming a dispute.

Even if a dispute is unavoidable, early advice and preparation will put you in a better position to negotiate a successful outcome.  It is all too easy to say or do something that you will regret later.  We can help you plan your strategy from the beginning.  We focus on the outcome, not just on the process.

That said, sometimes the dispute arises, and it cannot be resolved amicably.  We have a pre-eminent reputation for resolving complex commercial disputes, whether through negotiated settlements or litigation.

When there is no genuine dispute, we can help you with efficient and effective debt recovery.

Our partners have, collectively, decades of experience in avoiding and resolving commercial disputes.

  • Major Disputes

    We have an enviable reputation for conducting complex and difficult commercial disputes. We specialise in disputes which have difficult legal or factual issues, or large amounts of evidence.  We conduct all types of commercial disputes throughout Australia, including corporations law matters, contract disputes and trade practices matters.

  • Insolvency

    We have extensive experience with receivership, voluntary administration, liquidation and personal insolvency. We understand the technical requirements, and the commercial imperatives for insolvency practitioners and the creditors in administrations. 

  • Insurance

    We advise in relation to all types of insurance matters, including indemnity issues, policy drafting and other policy advice. We have acted in insurance claims involving civil and commercial disputes, defamation claims, disciplinary proceedings and statutory prosecutions.