As a lawyer at CCK Lawyers, you will have the opportunity to work for outstanding clients on a range of challenging and rewarding legal work.


We are looking for the lawyers who can contribute to the development of the firm, and be its future.  We want people who can see the big picture, and write their own story.

In short, we are looking for our future partners. With that in mind, we have high expectations:

  • Our lawyers are dedicated and willing to learn.  For those who are willing, there are limitless opportunities.

  • Our lawyers are professionals.  We are disciplined, mature and courteous at all times.

  • Our lawyers provide excellent service.  We provide support, respect and the freedom thrive.

  • Our lawyers are team players.  We are a ‘we’ firm, not an ‘I’ firm. We believe the best outcomes are achieved through collaboration and co-operation.

  • Our lawyers grasp opportunities with both hands.  For ourselves, and for clients, we make things happen.

  • Our lawyers are creative.  We reward those who show initiative and bold thinking.  We do not simply ‘go through the motions’.

  • Our lawyers are knowledgeable.  We provide our recommendations, not our doubts.

  • Our lawyers are excellent lawyers.


CCK Lawyers has two main work groups, Commercial Transactions and Commercial Dispute Resolution, although we regularly work in teams which cross over between those groups. Each group contains lawyers with broad experience. We encourage our transactions lawyers to learn about and experience Court proceedings and alternative dispute resolution. We encourage our dispute resolution lawyers to draft agreements and understand property or business deals.

From day one, collegiality has been our hallmark. We have no silos. We do not hoard work in one group to the detriment of another. We offer our clients the best of us as a team, not just the best of each individual.

All lawyers, from graduate to senior associates can expect regular contact and engagement with partners and clients. All lawyers will perform substantive legal work, and not just mundane or repetitive tasks.

We want our lawyers to develop into outstanding professionals. Our partners offer dedicated mentoring to our lawyers. Mentoring goes beyond the simple skills of a lawyer, to include career development.

Our lawyers do not have billing budgets. We can see when you are working hard. We encourage efficiency. We keep track of the work we all perform, and time it takes, but we consider that billing is the responsibility of partners, not relatively junior lawyers.


We will treat our lawyers as professionals.  We work as a team, and generally we work together, in our office, during office hours.  If you are hard working and disciplined, we will give you flexibility in how, when and where you work.

All professional legal positions at CCK Lawyers include:

  • the opportunity to be involved in first class commercial legal work

  • personal mentoring by a partner to ‘fast track’ practical professional skills

  • a comprehensive induction process covering file and financial management, legal drafting style, and how to conduct yourself as a professional

  • regular and constructive assessment of your work            


We impose no arbitrary limits on career progression.  We will not hold you back if you can develop quickly.  Anything is possible. Do not be afraid to aim high.

A recent graduate, or a lawyer with little experience will start with us with the title ‘Lawyer’. As a lawyer gains experience and skills, they will progress through ‘Associate’ and Senior Associate’ positions to become a ‘Partner’.

Broadly speaking, this is what we expect for each step on the ladder.


A Lawyer must:

  • be honest

  • be diligent

  • be courteous

  • act professionally

  • embrace opportunities to learn


An Associate must:

  • display values which are consistent with the values of the firm

  • show loyalty to the firm and to colleagues

  • be prepared to ‘do what it takes’ to develop their skills

  • record their work fully, accurately, and in a way that our clients will find informative and useful

Senior Associate

A Senior Associate must:

  • demonstrate clear thinking

  • work efficiently and cost effectively

  • win the confidence of partners and colleagues

  • win the confidence and respect of clients

  • have exemplary drafting skills

  • have superior legal skills

  • be able to assist a partner in the conduct of substantial matters

  • be able to conduct appropriate matters with minimal supervision by a partner

  • supervise the performance of  high quality legal work by other lawyers

  • take responsibility for the development of at least one junior lawyer or law clerk

  • make a pro-active contribution to the development of CCK Lawyers


Applications for legal positions should include:

  • a covering letter which summarises your experience and the role you are seeking

  • a small photograph of yourself for identification purposes

  • a curriculum vitae

  • for graduates or lawyers with less than three years post-admission experience, a copy of your academic transcript (certified copies not required)

  • for lawyers moving from interstate or overseas, details of any restrictions on your admission, or requirements for further training or accreditation

  • whether you agree for us to hold your application on file to be considered for future positions as well.  

Applications should be marked 'Private & Confidential' and sent to:

Managing Partner
CCK Lawyers
GPO Box 2871
Adelaide SA 5001

We are also happy to receive applications by email to