Tenders and Contracts

ContactsAdam Rosser, Ben Wilson

We have significant experience and capabilities in all types of building and construction law contracts. Our experience and capabilities cover the full range of services that companies in the construction industry may require including:

  • drafting contracts and associated documents relating to construction projects, including joint venture agreements and tripartite agreements;
  • assisting clients in the tender and negotiation process, with a fast turn-around time.

We recognise areas of risk in construction projects.  We understand complex technical engineering information and construction programming. We work in collaboration with our clients to identify the key risks and propose workable solutions.  We understand that tenderers need to 'pick their battles' and not simply seek to rewrite all the terms of the contract.  Knowing which terms can remain unchanged is a difficult task requiring judgment and experience.

We have advised local and multinational contractors on the terms of tenders for numerous construction projects ranging from small outage works to major civil projects.

We understand our clients' common desire not to be seen to have lawyers directly involved. We are happy to work with our clients behind the scenes to minimise risk and help negotiate favourable terms.