Information Technology

Contacts: Adam RosserJames Cudmore, Ben Wilson

We provide our technology industry clients with advice, assistance with contracting, and assistance to resolve disputes. We have had extensive experience working with clients within information technology and high-tech industries. We also help our other clients with their legal needs where they relate to information technology.

We advise our clients on the legal requirements in relation to protection of intellectual property, online defamation, liability for websites, blogs and social media, and online application of consumer protection and privacy laws.

As an example, in the past we advised major software companies on their obligations and liabilities in relation to the ‘Y2K bug’. 

More recently, we regularly advise clients about their rights and risks in relation to potentially defamatory material posted to online reviews, or on social media sites.  We have advised on the complaints procedures for inappropriate content on websites.

We assist our clients with agreements relating to the sale and purchase of hardware and software, and licensing of technology and intellectual property.  We also prepare agreements for hosting, service and support.

As an example, we have prepared standard terms and conditions for a web and software development company so as to protect and keep separate the developer’s intellectual property in the software from its clients’ intellectual property in their commercial content.

We have advised a financial institution and prepared agreements in relation to a major systems upgrade.

We have assisted with tendering and negotiation of contracts, including agreements with government entities.  We understand the importance of appropriate terms relating to extensions of time, insurance and limitation of liability.

We assist our client to protect their rights and to resolve disputes in relation to all aspects of information technology and high-tech engineering industries.

We have conducted large litigation in Courts around Australia.

As an example, we represented a global software company in relation to a dispute involving the performance of its software and the work of a systems integration partner.  We managed that dispute in the Supreme Court of Western Australia from our office in Adelaide.

We acted for a South Australian based developer of record keeping software in a dispute with a Tasmanian government department, and assisted with the negotiation of a successful resolution.

We draw on our extensive experience in dealing with technical engineering and construction disputes to understand and assist with claims for delay, variations to the terms of a contract, and all of the other types of disputes which frequently arise in management of technology projects.