Technology and Intellectual Property

Technology and intellectual property comprise a broad range of technical fields relating to engineering, science, information technology and all forms of innovation.  Legal work in that field requires lawyers who are experienced enough to understand and to adapt to the specific circumstances of each case, and who have the ability to grasp technical information, drawings and expert reports quickly.

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  • Information Technology

    We have extensive experience working with clients within IT and high-tech industries.  We understand the technical issues to be able to provide advice, guidance on contracts, and help to resolve disputes.  We also help our other commercial clients with their legal needs where they relate to information technology, such as service or hosting agreements.

  • Intellectual Property

    We advise on intellectual property issues (including the steps required to obtain protection), commercialisation and licensing, and dispute resolution. This includes advice on copyright, designs, business names, trade marks and patents.  We have also represented our clients in numerous Court proceedings to protect their interests.