Contacts: Will Marryat, Ben Wilson, Adam Rosser

Business owners and operators need to understand and observe statutory and regulatory requirements, particularly in relation to the sale or purchase of a business. These requirements are diverse and range from industry-specific regulations to general requirements under the Australian Consumer Law (formerly the Trade Practices Act) or the Corporations Act. We have significant experience and expertise advising on all compliance issues.

We provide advice in relation to capital raisings for both public and private companies. We provide corporate governance advice for a range of companies and not-for-profit organisations.  We also regularly advise our clients in relation to directors' duties.

As an example, we successfully assisted a high profile South Australian company to raise funds from a wide range of investors, including providing detailed advice regarding the Corporations Act requirements and exemptions in relation to fundraising and preparing the necessary documentation. 

We advised a major group of pharmacies in relation to the ownership restrictions arising from changes to the relevant legislation.