Who we are

We are a 'we' firm, not an 'I' firm.

Our clients get the best we can provide as a team, not just the best any one of us can provide as an individual. That makes a big difference in the quality of our work and in the outcomes we achieve for our clients.

We have the ability and the energy to drive matters to a successful outcome. We make things happen.

We value our personal and professional relationships with our clients. While legal solutions are obviously important, the most effective way for us to help our clients is to work with them to form clear objectives, and to implement a strategy to achieve those objectives. What our clients need is clear, independent thinking, and sound commercial advice from a legal perspective.

In each of our service areas, we pride ourselves on learning the ins-and-outs of our clients' projects and businesses, whether that be building a rail tunnel, manufacturing mining equipment, the risks and rewards in a property transaction, or the tax implications of a major acquisition.  Our work embodies our goals of care, clarity of thought and outstanding legal knowledge.  Our policy is for a partner to be directly responsible for the conduct of each matter, and for two partners to be involved in most matters. 

We speak and meet regularly with our clients throughout Australia to ensure we stay on top of what is most important to them.

We consider truthfulness and integrity our hallmark, and we value those qualities in all people with whom, for whom and against whom we work.

What we do

We practise exclusively in commercial law. Our key service areas are:

  • resolving major disputes of a commercial or corporate nature;
  • construction and engineering;
  • technology and intellectual property;
  • taxation advice and tax disputes;
  • mergers and acquisitions;
  • general commercial transactions (including property, finance and franchising);
  • private client services (including superannuation, succession and estate planning).

In addition to those key service areas, we provide our clients with the full range of commercial legal services and advice. We have the skills to do what is required and to make things happen.

Where we come from

Cosoff Cudmore Knox was established on 1 September 2001 with the merger of two firms -- Cosoff Cudmore and Partners, and Knox & Hargrave. Cosoff Cudmore and Partners was a young firm, only three years old. Knox & Hargrave was the oldest, and one of the most respected, law firms in South Australia, having been established in 1838.

The merger brought together some of Australia’s leading commercial lawyers. Our current partners are amongst the leaders in their fields.